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About Rp Partners Ltd


Innovative Financing Solution Provided Worldwide

RP Partners is an international financier that delivers innovative solutions to every corner of the world, and we are driven by an inexorable commitment to making every client project profitable.



Project Finance


We provide project finance and infrastructure finance to project sponsors and developers of major international projects in more than 160 countries around the world. Rp Partner, Ltd offers clients innovative non-recourse, off-balance-sheet project financings including project loans, complete project finance documentation solutions with special-purpose entity creation and offtake agreements. We can even provide expert construction management and consulting services to protect your investment.


We provide project finance loans with our network of international commercial and investment banks, pension funds, private trusts and even sovereign wealth funds only for funding request above $500m which is provided in more than 160 developing and developed countries around the world.


 Project Funding Overview


We deliver project finance solutions on a world scale along with an inexorable commitment to make every client deal more profitable. RP Partners Ltd provides the international project financing you need along with deal structuring advisory services that mitigate risk and aggressively protect your interests.


Our expertise in delivering successful project financing packages and our innate ability to match the right project with the right lenders, architects, engineers, consultants, builders, developers and all of the professionals your project will need is uncanny. Doing it seamlessly and at the right time gives us all the tools we need to arrange and deliver extraordinary financial solutions for challenging difficult-to-place loans and projects.


Sustainability in international project financing means delivering at the most difficult of times. By exploiting our strengths and core expertise in project finance we are often successful at placing project development loans for clients whose financing has been declined by other financiers and lenders. If your project has been turned down, we can help. We’ll pre-underwrite your project financing to see if we can successfully fund your project where others have failed. Submit a Request for Project Financing now and we’ll get your financing started today.


Project Finance Features


With no hard industry definition of project finance, we encourage project sponsors, deal participants, investors and other stakeholders to visit Features of Project Finance to quickly see this is the project financing you’ve been looking for. From simple project finance loan placement to complex syndicated mezzanine financing structures we are always ready to deliver the project financing, development financing and mezzanine financing your deal needs. Our expertise in project financings extends to every facet of your deal and our holistic approach to your project gets deals done.


Project sponsors who want their projects successfully approved for project finance need only follow our step-by-step Project Finance Procedures while our deal team gets started on deal structuring advisory and loan placement services. We have the tools and experience to deliver extraordinary financial solutions for difficult to place project loans. 




Whether you’re in need of raising working capital for new start enterprises or releasing urgent life-blood for your business (cash-flow finance), or releasing locked or stagnant capital you may hold in existing assets, RP Partners can assist you in many different ways, all bespoke to your requirements.


If you have dormant or stagnant assets (fine arts and antiques to real estate freeholds or long-lease property), tenders, contracts or non-tangible assets, our team of experienced financiers can help you utilise and maximise those resources to your best advantage. That may mean raising capital against them in hard cash or for trade indemnities and other types of guarantee requirements.


Naturally, each project is assessed on its own merits and each financing structure is bespoke, designed to meet the criteria of both the Project and its Principals. Working with our investment bankers, corporate and private investors, we can offer our clients a complete project finance package, bespoke of course to the requirements and demands of the project itself and to that of the objectives of the Principals.