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Spark a Relationship


We are firm believers in developing new relationships and exploring new opportunities, especially when it comes to sourcing new clients and building new relationships. Strategically, we place high value on the Broker community; You are an integral part of our ever growing success and development.


Broker’s are suitably placed to understand their clients’ needs and requirements and are typically respected and trusted by their clients. Sometimes those client requirements are a challenge and finding the right facilitator can be a lengthy and uneconomical process. With Rp Partner, it does not have to be.


We are at the cutting edge of our profession. We can present effective and viable solutions that will meet your clients needs and at the same time retain the direct relations by working with the Broker side by side. If you are an individual or group that is dedicated to your client base, tenacious in your desire to keep existing relationships fruitful and eager to explore new opportunities, we would be keen to work with you in expanding our horizons together.



Our broker networks account for a large percentage of our business and we realise the importance of providing our brokers with priority attention and a back-office support platform from the United States


Appointed Brokers can use our facilities, both within our own offices here in the United States and within our partnership banks and legal advisory firms. Full hospitality and chauffeur services can be provided to our mutual clients.


If your brokerage is interested in finding out how we can work together or if you have a current client enquiry you may wish to discuss with our expert team, please contact us in strictest confidence and one of our Business Development Managers will be able to discuss options available and perhaps progress to a longer lasting relationship working with you directly.

Placing Service


Servicing 100% of your Clients needs and requirements 100% of the time can mean that you are expected to be networked into every angle and diversity of the finance and banking arena. Of course, this is not always the case as finance professionals focus on specific areas of the financial markets. Some choose to concentrate on Mortgages and Loans, some concentrate on Bonds & Investments, some in other specialist markets.


However, keeping a strong and loyal client base may mean stepping out of that specialist arena to offer your client other services that they demand. Perhaps services that neither you or your colleagues are specialised in.


Rp Partners offer a unique placing service where we can advise you on these intricate areas and where we remain unknown to your client. We work exclusively for you as the Broker offering a complete back-office and processing centre for these types of transactions, allowing you to utilise our services and dress the results as your own unique offering to your client. This allows you to never miss that opportunity, even if your in-house expertise is not sufficient or complete enough to offer the best service to your client.


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